YouTube Marketing

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the largest video search engine? With over 1,325,000,000 people using YouTube, it’s no wonder why this platform is gone to for public relations, branding, lead generation and straight old video stardome.

Millions of Youtube Views

We specialize in YouTube marketing strategy and can help your business receive more views from targeted geographical audiences.

Youtube Ranking

By taking advantage of YouTube’s search engine, your video can be suggested in the first results for keyword searches, encouraging further views and followers.


- Option 1

Per Video
  • Video Views: 500,000+
  • Video Likes: 100-200
  • Schedule: 2-3 weeks
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- Option 2

Per Video
  • Video Views: 750,000+
  • Video Likes: 400-500
  • Schedule: 2-3 weeks
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GoldRecommended for best results

- Option 3

Per Video
  • Video Views: 1,000,000+
  • Video Likes: 500-1000
  • Schedule: 3-4 weeks
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Are there more plans?

Yes, if you want to get more youtube views and likes, custom plans can be designed for greater video distribution over longer periods of time.

Plan Discounts

Discounts are available if you engage us to market a series of videos across our marketing network.

Why Youtube Marketing?

Say you’re searching about how to change the oil in your car by yourself. Would you be more likely to click on the video result of someone actually explaining it to you? Or would you be more likely to click on the result that is more like a manual? Many people would opt for the video because it’s easy and to the point. If you’re not on YouTube, you could be missing out on a large amount of traffic to your website, which is why YouTube marketing is a must for any company and here’s why.

YouTube Has a Wide Reach

YouTube has over one billion users with 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day! YouTube has greater reach than cable in the United States and is popular on mobile devices with more than 50 percent of YouTube views being from mobile phones. Additionally, the earning potential is huge with every year there being a 50 percent increase in the channels earning six figure incomes annually. With YouTube’s large reach, your company can reach millions of people with how-to videos or informational videos.

It’s a Search Engine

YouTube isn’t just a social media platform for vloggers or product reviewers, it is a search engine that can be utilized by any company to reach more of their ideal audience. As stated above, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, making YouTube video marketing an essential part of any promotional strategy.

It’s a Social Platform

Along with being a search engine, YouTube doubles as a social network, which means you can friend, share, like, comment, subscribe and favorite. By using these features you can interact with your audience and bring people with similar interests to your videos and to your website.

How We Can Help

We specialize in YouTube marketing strategy and can help your business receive more reaches, more visitors, and more clients by getting you millions of organic Youtube views. By taking advantage of YouTube’s search engine and social networking capabilities, your company can reach thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people within a single video. One of our past clients said, “Through Massive PR’s YouTube marketing and distribution, we captured hundreds of thousands of views and increased click-throughs to our website by 24%.”

Whether you are a small and new business or large and experienced business, we understand what it feels like to not be reaching the amount of people you’d like. This is why we’ve become experts on YouTube marketing – to help you building an organic audience and thereby increase Youtube views. It’s a way for potential clients to get a real sense of who you are as a company, along with providing valuable information that will get your ideal audience to visit your website and fill out the contact form. If you’re tired of not seeing your products or services being reached to enough people, let us help you create a YouTube marketing strategy that will reach thousands of people. Contact us today to find out how we can help your company achieve new heights and goals.