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Massive has design a painless process to remove reviews, defamatory complaints and slander.

The internet has had a vast amount of organization put into it over the years. Intricate algorithms from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have allowed viewers to find very applicable content and results.

Online reviews are incredibly useful to determine verify a service or product provider before using them. This has allowed consumers to shape the internet themselves by using their own experiences (good or bad) to guide others.

However… like in life, competitors, haters and vested interests are trying to destroy people or brands with false reviews, negative feedback and fabricated scenarios. Massive PR’s cyber team has seen slander campaigns and conspiracies which would make your grandmother turn in her grave.

Until now, there has been one thing missing – internet ethics enforcement.

Thousands have complained to Google or review sites about unjust reviews causing immense monetary damage. Thousands equally report fraudulent reviews to an endless number of “consumer review websites” and get generic responses and little assistance.

Massive PR utilize a 4 step system to remove bad reviews which is 95% effective. This includes:

  • Analysis of the scope
  • Legal liaison
  • Intricate knowledge of the review site terms, as well as internet laws and regulations for that industry or location put to use.
  • Review Removal.

To date, we have removed thousands of negative reviews through our 4 step system.
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