Travel & Hospitality

Managing Your Online Reputation in The Travel Industry

Internationally, the travel and hospitality industry generates nearly 7.6 trillion dollars per year. That's a lot. If you work in these spaces, your online reputation is could be at stake. Unfortunately, most companies  struggle with how to properly manage their brand. As a result, they're subjected to all manner of…
reputation management removal
Online Reputation Management

Pay to Remove Reputation Management – How it works

When I first met Gary (Real name changed for privacy reasons) he was in the typical scenario all business owners find themselves in when dealing with a case of internet defamation. He had never heard of pay to remove reputation management and for Gary and his 68 employees things were…
Online Reputation Management

Rihanna vs Snapchat: A Massive Reputation Mistake Which Cost Them Big

Snapchat reportedly just lost $800 million because of a singular ad that ran on their platform. Ouch. Obviously, no company is exempt from mistakes or PR failures––but this took it to some new lows. Online reputation management is an art, let's look at how they failed this semester's class: The…

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