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The internet has made it quite simple to be able to look up a business and get an idea of their services, staff, and locations.  Google has made this process extremely simple, and it also allows individuals to leave reviews of the business so that future people who search its can see how they have handled previous customers, as well as an overall rating out of five stars.  Unfortunately, this also opens up the ability for malicious negative or fake reviews to be posted.  This could be done by virtually anyone who has or makes a Google account.  It could be an angered employee or ex-employee, displeased customer, or a competitor. Negative reviews like this can have quite an impact upon the overall rating of a business, especially smaller businesses with low numbers of reviews, as one could amount to a larger percentage of the total.

Fortunately, there are ways to go about getting these types of reviews removed in certain cases, or at least mitigate them. Massive Alliance offers services that can be of assistance to this end.  We have an extensive array of online reputation management services, which includes the removal of negative content online, such as reviews and much more.  We aim to completely overhaul a client’s online presence to make it much more conducive to their success.

How to Remove A Review From Google

There are several methods that can be used to attempt to remove Google reviews, depending upon the exact circumstances.

  • Technical Arbitration – Unique to Massive, we will engage in an arbitration with Google’s technical abuse and business team, allow us 100% efficiency on cases which fit our requirements.
  • Pursue the Author – If the identity of the author is known, they can be directly pursued through legal means, such as naming them as the defendant in a lawsuit. But, knowing the author would also allow for the situation to potentially be resolved outside of court.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to pursue the author in certain cases though, as the account that wrote the review could have been created using a fake name.
  • Subpoena – In some cases, it could require subpoenaing Google for one of several purposes. In circumstances where the author of the review used a fake name, it is possible to subpoena Google for the purpose of obtaining all of the account information, and even the IP address for the purpose of tracing it back to the actual author.  This would then allow the actual author to be pursued through legal means.
  • Google – Some circumstances may require going directly to Google to attempt to resolve the issue. Google offers two main options on their Legal Removal Requests Page:
  1. Reply directly to a review.
  2. Have a court declare the claims as false, and then relay this to Google for the purpose of having the content removed.

Methods of Handling Negative Google Reviews

Removal of the false or negative claims is obviously the most ideal resolution.  Many Google review services will focus more on the suppression of negative reviews and content.  Suppression is attempting to get the content lower in the search results, but it often ends up surfacing again down the road.  We focus heavily on the removal of undesirable Google reviews and other content where possible.  When addressing this type of content, we first assess the source of it and then compare it against over 50,000 legal, publication, and regulatory guidelines, which will tell us whether we are able to resolve it or not.  Our cyber forensic approach to the removal of negative content allows us to evaluate the situation rapidly, as well as adjudicate whether the resolution is possible.

How We Can Help with Defamation

In cases of defamation like mentioned above, we also have established connections with a multitude of law firms in both Europe and the United States.  Many of the internet defamation attorneys at these firms are able to offer their services on contingency when they are done through our organization.  This helps to fast track the process, rather than going through the difficulty of locating a proper attorney that is willing to take your case.

Let Massive Help You Take Back Your Reputation

There can be a lot to understanding how to remove a review from Google, which is why our services can be extremely beneficial. It can be quite a hassle to embark upon this process without assistance.  We can help to seek out negative reviews and various other forms of content, and see that it gets addressed.  Aside from the removal of undesirable content, we also work to repair and rebuild a business’s or individual’s reputation through strategically placed content in high-profile media outlets.  Call Massive Alliance today at 813-666-5583, and let us help you to create a much more positive online image.

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