Glassdoor Overview

A company always has a reputation that can be either positive or negative, but unless a potential employee knew someone specifically who had worked there before, they wouldn’t know exactly what to expect from working there. However, Glassdoor has made it possible for anyone to look up almost any company and leave a review of their experience working at a company or allows potential employees to research a company they are interested in to see how others have liked working there. This can be an incredible tool in attracting top talent to apply for a position within your company. On the other hand, it can negatively impact your search in finding potential employees if your rating on Glassdoor is poor.

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– M.L. Nexus

Glassdoor reviews have quickly built a strong online authority, which means when a person searches almost any company with the keyword “jobs” next to it they will find Glassdoor results within the first one or two pages of search results. A survey done by Indeed found that 83 percent of job seekers are likely to base their decision on where to apply based on company reviews. If your company’s online presence shows a lot of negative feedback, candidates will quickly move on to the next company.

Additionally, a survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that United States workers significantly prefer Glassdoor’s job search experience over other job sites. This is because Glassdoor provides millions of job listings and integrates company ratings, salary estimates and interview questions, along with interview tips into the actual job postings. This experience allows job seekers to easily find all the available jobs combined with an inside look into the company in order to help them make an informed decision about where they work and even apply to. While this is a huge advantage for potential employees, it can also be a large advantage for companies. If a person is looking at your company on Glassdoor and sees a high rating and good reviews, they will be more likely to apply and want to work at your company.

How We Can Help

We understand how impactful online review websites are, especially when it comes to the workplace. We know that candidates rely highly on online review websites, such as Glassdoor, to get the full picture of a specific company. This is why we have researched and specialized in improving a company’s image on Glassdoor. This service will revert your company’s star rating to 4+ and will revert the whole company image in order to hold the company in high regard by resolving matters relating hate campaigns set up by fake employees or anonymous users.

Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals

Whether your company is a start-up or has been around for decades, we understand the frustration that occurs when top talent doesn’t apply or finds better offers. This is why we’ve become experts on improving a company’s image on Glassdoor. It is a great tool to use to let potential employees get a real sense of what your company is and get an inside look into what it would be like to work for your company. If you’re tired of potential employees not applying to your jobs or going elsewhere after you offer them a position within your company, let us help you create a strategy that will improve your company’s image on Glassdoor and help you attract top talent. Contact us today to find out how we can help your company reach your goals.

According to the Glassdoor Data Labs, only 49% of employees would recommend their employer to a friend.  This basically makes your chances or receiving a negative review from an employee on Glassdoor 50/50.  Negative reviews may be even more of a problem for your company if you have a high turnover.  Negative reviews on Glassdoor can possibly turn away not only great new employees but also potential customers. So a strategy to handle this is definitely a must.

Interestingly enough, per another Glassdoor study, 62% of those surveyed agree that their perception of a company improved after seeing an employer respond to a review. So your chances of keeping a good reputation can be significantly higher when you acknowledge the comments the company receives. In fact, 69% of candidates are likely to apply for a job if they see the company not only responding to reviews but also updating their profile and sharing updates on the culture and work environment.  However, the manner in which you respond also matters.

Getting Glassdoor to remove a review

Reviews which seek to give constructive criticism and do provide helpful ideas for improvement do exist.  But given that anyone can submit a review on Glassdoor without verification, opens the door to posting false and defamatory information.  The company does have some filters and algorithms to detect fraud, but false reviews still get posted.  If you believe a review is false, the first thing to do is flag the review, by clicking the “Inappropriate?” link, at which point the comment will be reviewed by moderators who should respond to you via email. Glassdoor supposedly prohibits false, misleading, defamatory and other “abusive” conduct.  But, if the moderator decided that the review was acceptable, even if it is defamatory, it will remain on the website.

Now, in an effort to outweigh negative reviews, you could invite other employees to publish positive reviews. However, offering incentives for reviews is not permitted.  The reviews need to be legitimate.  Glassdoor allows one review, per person, per company, per year.   Positive reviews are now also being questioned, as some seem to be fluffed up and not entirely true, and rumors are surfacing that some companies have bribed their employees to write over-the-top reviews.

Nonetheless, because of their anonymous review system and not so effective algorithms to detect fraud, Glassdoor is losing credibility.  Recently in the online news, the company was being scrutinized in regards to possibly accepting payments from companies asking Glassdoor to remove reviews. Whether this is true or not, the rumors are circulating which only makes the company less reputable.

Nick Cordcodilos, a Headhunter has this to say about the way Glassdoor runs its site: “Any disgruntled employee or job applicant can trash a company publicly. An HR department can spam Glassdoor, singing its own praises. Honest comments will get lost. Meanwhile, Glassdoor has no incentive to keep it all clean by making participants accountable.”

Recruiting legal help

In an effort to clear their name, some companies have tried to sue Glassdoor over not removing what they believe to be false, slanderous reviews.  Specifically, an attorney would send a subpoena to Glassdoor asking for identifying information of the anonymous offenders.  A few companies that have done this have not gotten a response from Glassdoor as to the subpoena, but at least some of those reviews have disappeared off the site the same week the papers were served.  Although this action seems to have removed reviews, this is not necessarily a sure thing strategy.

Glassdoor has had to deal with hundreds of employers that demanded the company either remove reviews or turn over the identity of the people who left them. For instance, California trial attorney Philip Layfield and his firm, Layfield, and Barrett have filed a defamation claim against 25 anonymous reviewers over the comments they left online about the firm.  Since filing suit in 2016, it’s been anything but case closed for Layfield.

More on the proactive side, there is one more interesting statistic you may want to know: A Weber Shandwick 2014 survey reported that only 26% of employees believe that their employer listens and responds well to them.  Clearly, there is room for improvement for most businesses.  Perhaps looking into increasing communication skills may help keep your company reputation high and reviews positive. It could be as simple as listen, understand and acknowledge.  Not to say that this will handle any of your critical review problems if you happen to be dealing with them, but at the same time, many managers underestimate the importance such skills have in keeping loyal employees.

All in all, critical Glassdoor reviews are not something to completely ignore when your reputation is at stake. If 69% of Americans would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed (Allegis Group Services Study, 2012), there is not much room for error.  Massive Alliance can help you keep your online reputation strong and irresistible to employees. Contact Us!

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