When any business receives a complaint through the BBB, it can damage their reputation and become a very expensive business loss.

Whether your company is a few months old or has been around for decades, we understand how frustrating it can be when top talent chooses a different offer. This is why we’ve become experts on improving a company’s rating on Better Business Bureau. It can be a great tool to attract the right customers. If you’re tired of losing business to the BBB, let us help you create a strategy that will your BBB company rating to A+. Contact us today to find out how we can help your company get the complaints resolved.

  • Get an A+ BBB rating through Massive PR
  • Guaranteed results through proven BBB arbitration methods
  • Pay-on-result service for increasing rating on Better Business Bureau

Who is the Better Business Bureau?

Better Business Bureau is a company review franchise not associated with the US government or agencies. Their revenue model is through registering with the BBB and using their business claiming process.

How do I increase my BBB Rating?

To increase your BBB rating you will need to engage one of our consultants who will guide your through an exact procedure to systematically verify all penalty points resulting in a lower rating. We will then assist you to improve it until you get a BBB A Rating.