Leveraging their results from thousands of publicly available documents online, bankruptreport combines and collates bankrupt company profiles and their director’s names into a format visible to search engines. If you are here it is because this site is causing an issue with current opportunities or worse, financial loss.

Due to our forensic approach, Massive can act as an arbitrator between you, the site and Google and create a forensic report to effectively remove these results from the search engines.

How it works

  • You engage us to remove the posting, no retainer required
  • We initiate an arbitration process with the website and/or Google to get it removed
  • Only once removed do we issue an invoice for the service

Did you know? Massive is the only reputation management company which offers pay-on-result defamation removal services?

Other bad review sites

Massive’s is has been very successful in getting hate content removed from the internet and dozens of other online review websites.

Build a solid reputation

Online review sites only rank high when there are an insufficient number of high profile media assets surrounding the keywords/names which matter to you. Ask about our online media services to defend against future defamation.

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