How much does online reputation management cost?

The cost of the online reputation management services can vary widely. Unlike other ORM companies, we do not stick our clients into a “payment package” which may or may not get results. Our services are only based on results. So to determine the cost of an ORM service we look at many points in the client’s case, such as:

  • Domain Authority (online strength) of the domain hosting the online content
  • The type of website it is hosted on
  • The background of the author of the libel
  • Which country the website is located in (servers)
  • The version of Google which you need the content resolved on i.e. .com, etc
  • The strength of your existing online presence
  • The number of keywords you need resolved
  • The number of pages containing defamation

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These are just a few of the criteria we use for pricing.

Sample Costs (in USD )*

  • Single complaint or review: from $900
  • Dedicated “hate” website: from $4,000
  • Mainstream Media Article: from $5,000
  • review page: from $800
  • complaint: from $3,000
  • BBB page: from $3,000
  • Forum thread: from $900

Economical package offers can reduce reputation management costs considerably.

*these prices are only to be used as guidelines


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