Whether your product or service is pristine or not, it doesn’t matter. Lets face it, some people are just downright hostile to any aspects of life and living.

How to deal effectively with an hostile character online? It doesn’t matter the type of job or the field you work in. You could be saving penguins from global warming and may be as dedicated as a martyr, but the hostile character will come after you if you have stepped on his toes or have engaged in a working relationship of some sort. Some people love to challenge and make war.

So how do you resolve this?

First of all realise it is not personal. You will find a long trail of enemies these people have made along the line, this has nothing to do with you or your personality. The most effective way to handle these characters is to swiftly deliver the product and service you promised and get out of there. In handling them you must not engage in hostile conversations nor attack them, this is what they are looking for.

If you want help to clean up the aftermath such people leave in their wake, give us a call.

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