Political Media Strategies

Massive provides a platform to leverage your voice in the USA’s political media.

US-based* Political Media gives you a global influence platform to forward your socioeconomic messaging. Be an influencer of change.

Aligning government leaders & policies to your name, builds an image of social and economic responsibility.”

*Political Media is also available in Germany, Italy, Holland & Africa

Media Placements

Speak to Washington’s political elite and the entire US audience through interviews, citations and expert opinion placement in mainstream political news outlets.

Political Introductions

Press opportunities with scheduled in-person introductions to Senators, Washington and White House executives.

Political Influencers

Books, whitepapers, TV appearances, articles and press releases can be shared through our network of political influencers with millions of followers on social media.

Radio & TV Appearances

With over 20 mainstream networks and radio stations, become a regular guest or live stream to millions giving your expert insight. Secure your place in the (inter)national discussion.

Create a political media strategy

What is a political media strategy?

  • The aligning of US government agencies, politicians and political influencers to your socioeconomic responsibilities as a brand or public figure puts you in the global spotlight of interest and new opportunity.
  • Political corporate and economic roles allow company leaders to assume political responsibilities by taking up traditional governmental tasks such as regulation of business and provision of public goods, health, employment, finance or welfare, whether nationally or internationally.
  • The subsidiarity-based approach to governance, in which firms are seen as intermediate actors who have political co-responsibilities in society endowed upon them by (inter)national governmental institutions comes about through a designed strategy of 1) deciding on the change you want to occur and, 2) using political media to disseminate this message.

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