Removing defamation from the internet can be very expensive with attorneys. Massive PR uses a series of arbitration techniques directly with the search engines to get defamation removed.

Online Defamation could be described as any libel or slander which harms the reputation of a person, business or entity. This could be an entire attack (hate) website, an article, malicious blog, comments, video or discussion which have been created to harm reputation. Legally, it also includes any such publication which was posted in negligence.

Removing Online Defamation

Our primary service in Massive is the removal of online defamation, slander and libel. Massive deals with each case of online defamation as a unique scenario. Unfortunately, even online defamation lawyers have a tough time resolving this. Most authors (if known) will scream “Freedom of Speech”, quoting the 1st Amendment (USA) or Freedom of Expression (UK). Every country has a variation of freedom of speech integrated into their laws.

Online Defamation

Investigate Online Defamation

Utilizing multiple tactics, including detailed investigation on the source, determining the cause for the publication (who is really pushing it), and then taking action to remove or demote the online defamation on search results, we have a fail-safe system to get get rid of instances of online defamation.

The legal rights of a person, brand or public figure who are actively being defamed online do exist. To our advantage, the majority of attackers (where blog, article, video or even comments) are not aware of this and we can get them removed quite rapidly.

If you have been wrongfully defamed online, then contact Massive’s cyber team.

Delete, not suppress

Most reputation management companies will try to suppress internet defamation. We don’t. Our total goal is to permanently delete defamation or slander.

Protect your name

Once you have cleaned up any internet defamation, we recommend leveraging some of our high-power media resources to own your search.