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“There is no entity without identity” – W. O. Quine

Your go-to Brand Identity Management company is here to help you

Massive PR protects your most valuable asset: your identity. With a dedicated brand identity manager overseeing a broad spectrum of digital identity components, your brand  or name is constantly monitored across the web and defensive and proactive reputation management strategies are actively worked on to protect you.

For the first time, you will have an Brand Identity Manager dedicated to you, with Massive’s resources at their fingertips.

Removal of negative content

Anyone with some level of public stature will attract the dark side of internet journalism or reviews. Your identity manager will provide solutions to effectively remove or suppress unwanted internet results.

Identity Theft & Copyright Infringements

Thieves won’t have it easy. Is someone infringing your exclusive rights? Online image theft, plagiarism and other types of copyright infringement are easily tracked and solved with Massive PR’s dedicated identity management service.

Proactive Reputation Strategies

Your manager will devise an effective content strategy, outreach and PR plan to ensure the core of your digital reputation is in the hands of your brand. Being proactive means increasing authority, awareness and minimizing future risks.

Cyber Investigations

From corporate espionage, cheating, scandals to anonymous online attacks, your dedicated identity manager will coordinate a team of cyber investigations specialists to locate defamers, remove unwanted content and solve deadly reputation threats.