Better Business Bureau

A person has always been able to find out about a company’s reputation, but unless they knew someone who had specifically worked there before, finding reviews of a company was difficult and unlikely. Now that there are online review websites, such as Better Business Bureau, it has been easier than ever for anyone to look up almost any company and leave a review of their experience working at a specific company or for potential employees to research a company they are interested in to see how others liked working for that company and if it would be a good fit for them. Better Business Bureau reviews can be a great tool in attracting top talent to apply for a position within your company, however, it can also negatively impact your company’s ability in finding and retaining employees if you have Better Business Bureau complaints.

When any business receives a complaint through BBB, it can really damage their reputation. Complaints not only impact your overall rating; they are also publicly available when anyone searches for your company. This has become an issue for several businesses; in 2013, the Better Business Bureau in the United States and Canada processed over 900,000 complaints. Small businesses specifically can see the negative impact complaints have on their rating and since complaints stay on a company’s record for three years, it’s more important than ever to avoid them.

The Better Business Bureau has been helping people find businesses, brands, and charities they can trust by reading reviews and seeing a company’s overall rating for over 100 years. In fact, people turned to BBB more than 167 million times for business profiles on more than 5.2 million businesses in 2016. While BBB can give potential employees the opportunity to get an inside look into a company’s reputation and see what others have to say about the company in order to make an informed decision, complaints aren’t always valid and can give a false representation of what a company truly is. Furthermore, complaints aren’t 100 percent avoidable and if they aren’t addressed could further impact how a potential employee sees your company.

How We Can Help

We understand how impactful online review websites are, especially when it comes to the workplace and filling in new jobs. We know that candidates go to on online review websites, such as Better Business Bureau, first to get a better picture of a specific company. This is why we have dedicated research to and specialize in how to improve a company’s image on BBB. This service will revert the whole company image in order to hold the company in high regard by resolving matters relating to hate campaigns set up by fake employees or anonymous users. A past client of ours said, “Through Massive PR’s YouTube marketing and distribution we captured hundreds of thousands of views and click-throughs to our website.”

Let Us Help You Reach Your Business Goals

Whether your company is a few months old or has been around for decades, we understand how frustrating it can be when top talent chooses a different offer. This is why we’ve become experts on improving a company’s image on Better Business Bureau. It can be a great tool to attract top talent and fill jobs more easily. If you’re tired of good candidates not applying for a job within your company or deciding on a different offer, let us help you create a strategy that will improve your company’s image on BBB and help you attract top talent. Contact us today to find out how we can help your company reach your business goals.