Wikipedia is one of the most powerful knowledge repositories in the world and for brands who qualify, can become a strong resource about the company and it’s history.

Note: Wikipedia’s guidelines are very precise with regards to page or content creation. Massive PR will not charge for creating a page and must follow the exact instructions as laid out by Wiki.

  • First we will determine which category you believe it makes the most sense to sign on as on Wikipedia
  • Next, evaluate your company’s position against the Wikipedia guidelines for inclusion
  • A transparent Wikipedia contributor will be assigned which will be visible to Wikimedia (parent company)
  • Wikipedia page creation and submission will be done
  • We will then maintain a good standing within the Wikipedia community and contribute productively

Wikipedia Arbitration

Massive PR will work with your company to resolve with Wikipedia directly any issues with regards to defamation, slander or false (troll) entries.

Credible media sources

Our team will ensure that valid media and references are included within Wikipedia as per their inclusion guidelines.