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In the last 10 years, Massive PR have rigidly kept to Google’s exact quality guidelines on link building. How do we do this? We don’t — journalists do it for us.

Since the 90s Link Building has been a vital measuring stick for search engines to determine a website or page value. Today search engines have refined their algorithm to incredible precision to ensure back links are giving the right amount of value and to weed out unnatural link building strategies.

Media Link Building

Media link building is about as natural and unbiased as you can get. It also has enormous strength and value. When a link to your website is embedded in a news story which parallels the keywords and topic you want to promote, you will see true changes in your search results.

Traditional “link building” is really just spam. 60% of the internet is made of of spam content designed to manipulate search results. Google knows this and so do we. So why spam when you can give viewers value, your website value and actually help build a better internet at the same time.

What you get with our media link building programs:

  • Links on websites actually valued by search engines
  • Globally popular websites talking about you
  • Local/Topic-Specific Popularity
  • Natural anchor text
  • Links built in the right “neighborhood”
  • Fresh and unique content – no spam
  • Placed on media websites which have real human interaction – social sharing