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19 Industries

Massive’s experience and background has allowed us to adapt Product Marketing and Business Launches from any industry including Financial, Political, Healthcare, Retail and Consumer Goods, Real Estate and more.

"Massive provided so much value in our Board's brand decisions and strategies. They are true Brand Architects" - Lynn S, GBCI

1. Market Analysis

Know before you go. Strategic media and content planning with precise demographic targeting.

2. Editorial PR

Newsworthy mentions in engaging articles. Full feature articles and expert placements.

3. Social Influencers

Capture the minds of existing followers through our network of over 1,500 social influencers.

4. Community Management

Credibility comes from Communities. Grass Roots campaigns deep into center of discussion.

We don't just Plan. We Do.


Product Marketing and Business Launches require the right tech & apps ready for use and in place.

What we do

  • Be a News Guest
  • Get Online Interviews
  • Show up in Google News


Tap in to our Influencer network and broadcast through the mouthpiece of established Influencers in your industry.

What we do

  • Influencer journalists
  • Industry columnists
  • Social influencer shout-outs


Power in numbers. Product and Company viability comes from new leads and conversions.

What we do

  • Find authors who match you
  • Define a content strategy
  • Publish in high volume

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 What is Product Marketing?

From consulting on launch positioning to aggressive content marketing and media placements, branding and PR we will take you from unknown to a thriving success.

  • Fortify your image with powerful mainstream media placements
  • Take create, engage and control online forums and communities
  • Control the narrative of your brand discussion
  • Generate word of mouth and good publicity


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