Reputation Management

Travel & Hospitality

The vision of who you want to be to your visitors and the emotion you want to create for consumers and visitors. This is what Massive Alliance understands. With almost 20 years in the PR industry we have worked with hotel brands, restaurant chains, airline groups and City tourism departments to form media campaigns and image reputation management strategies. Through us you have a life line directly to the Press, journalists, travel influencers and bloggers.

It is vital for any travel marketing program to include carefully selected influencers to fuel the campaign from a grass roots level.

  • Conditional: Target negative reviews or online defamation for removal.
  • Online brand analysis.
  • Sentiment survey for best PR positioning.
  • Keyword Analysis for maximum conversion targeting.
  • Identify the most effective influencers for visibility and impact.
  • Select which mainstream or blogger publications you want to be featured in.

Massive can help you build a strong online reputation and defend against internet defamation.

Massive is an International Reputation Management company, providing powerful brand solutions for companies and private individuals.