How To Launch Your Business Online

Technology & Apps

Product Marketing and Business Launches require the right tech & apps ready for use and in place.

What to do

  • Determine a technology strategy which would help your customers
  • Ensure scalability of the digital platforms and apps
  • Integrate 3rd party apps and technology solutions to reduce employee and management effort

Influencer Marketing

Tap in to our Influencer network and broadcast through the mouthpiece of established Influencers in your industry.

What to do

Implement the following:

  • Influencer journalists
  • Industry columnists
  • Social influencer shout-outs
  • Be a News Guest
  • Get Online Interviews
  • Show up in Google News

Lead Generation

Power in numbers. Product and Company viability comes from new leads and conversions.

What to do

  • Find authors who match your industry and message. Create a large database.
  • Define a content strategy and pitch.
  • Publish in high volume.
  • Setup social media adds.
  • Create lead funnels.

Launching your online business

From consulting on launch positioning to aggressive content marketing and media placements, branding and PR we will take you from unknown to a thriving success.

  • Fortify your image with powerful mainstream media placements
  • Take create, engage and control online forums and communities
  • Control the narrative of your brand discussion
  • Generate word of mouth and good publicity
  • Branding your executives.

Massive can help you build a strong online reputation and defend against internet defamation.