Reputation Management

What Is Your Brand Identity Management Service?

“There is no entity without identity” – W. O. Quine

Your go-to Brand Identity Management company is here to help you

Massive Alliance protects your most valuable asset: your identity. With a dedicated brand identity manager overseeing a broad spectrum of digital identity components, your brand or name is constantly monitored across the web and defensive and proactive reputation management strategies are actively worked on to protect you.

Proactive Reputation Strategies

Your manager will devise an effective content strategy, outreach and PR plan to ensure the core of your digital reputation is in the hands of your brand. Being proactive means increasing authority, awareness and minimizing future risks.

Removal of negative content

Anyone with some level of public stature will attract the dark side of internet journalism or reviews. Your identity manager will provide solutions to effectively remove or suppress unwanted internet results.

Building Your Brand

For the last 10 years, Massive Alliance have rigidly adhered to Google’s exact quality guidelines on link building. How do we do this? We don’t — journalists do it for us. Here’s how:

Since the 90’s, link building has been a vital component used by search engines to determine a website page’s value. Today, we have the most advanced search engines ever using refined algorithms that can determine relevant websites and content with precision and speed never before seen.

Media Link Building

Media link building is essentially the practice of getting unique content published online that contains links pointed to your website or blog post. When the keywords on the content align with your content, the results can have enormous strength and value to the search engines thus driving your website pages higher in search results.

Years ago, web developers began “cheating” the search engines and what was known as “link building” was really just “keyword packing”. Basically, developers would embed content (sometimes thousands of words) in web pages that could not been seen by users but could be read by search engines. This would cause the web page to rank higher in search results because the search engine or spider crawling the site read a lot of content that made the page seem relevant when in fact it was just “cheating”. After many complaints and further development by Google and other search engines, the “cheaters” were caught and all the websites that had used the practice were penalized.

In 2019, we are fortunate enough to have excellent tools that enable us to create unique and relevant content and help rank your website and properties “organically” meaning we have no need to cheat the system. We can create content for you and your properties and the results will be rewarded by search engines.

What you get with our media link building programs:

  • Links on websites actually valued by search engines to your site or content
  • Globally popular websites talking about you and your brand
  • Local and topic-specific popularity
  • Natural anchor text
  • Links built in the right “neighborhood”
  • Fresh and unique content – no spam
  • Placed on media websites which have real human interaction – social sharing

Reputation Management

Web design for online reputation management is all about ensuring clean, Google-friendly code so that your website dominates the search real-estate.

Many companies we have worked with have been so distracted by attacks, negative content or bad reviews that they never stop and realize they have to fill the search with great content, code, layouts and search engine friendliness which will change the the first impression of their brand.

As part of our Reputation Management services, we will most likely include analysis of your existing website into the overall strategy. On many occasions we will find that the harmful information posted online is far superior in ranking because the company, person or brand has a poorly optimized, structured or designed website. This results in a lot of work going into building your online presence with no real results.

We will analyze any current websites or blogs you own and suggest the changes needed.

Massive can help you build a strong online reputation and defend against internet defamation.

Massive is an International Reputation Management company, providing powerful brand solutions for companies and private individuals.