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Reputation Management for Restaurants

Restaurants depend on the internet to 1) provide visitors trustworthy and reliable reviews or feedback and 2) drive in business. Massive provides the most effective and permanent reputation management solution.

What we do

  • Suppressing or removing bad reviews about your restaurant
  • Proactive media solutions to protect you against future reputation damage
  • Feature your restaurant or food service company within mainstream publications

Get your restaurant in the media

Controlling your restaurant’s image through high profile media mentions written by seasoned journalists. Dominating page 1 of Google and other search engines with powerful campaigns.

  • We will help you determine what about your company is newsworthy or unique
  • Our network of journalists and influencers will receive a media brief on you
  • The stories start rolling out
  • Your company gains the credibility and value it deserves
Join our family of satisfied customers

Massive has the knack of getting you featured in places where no one thought possible. The relationships which are established are things money can't buy and brought our hotel campaigns a whole new value.

Ryan S.Media Consultant

Fast, affordable and extremely powerful! We were looking for solutions to get our company on the map. The travel industry is saturated and highly competitive and yet Davie guided us through expertly to great results.

Aura B.CoFounder, Simply Travel

We launched a new travel technology product this year and Massive were integral to our rollout plan. Influencers have some of the strongest voices these days and they require confidence and bright ideas. The team provided and everything went off seamlessly.

Ben SExpedia UK

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