Media & PR Through Editorial Relationships

With over 9,000 Editorial relationships, Massive paves the way for the most aggressive Media & Press options available.

Earned Media

Leverage hundreds of our pre-established relationships to get your message in the Mainstream Media and News outlets.

What we do

Be a News Guest
Get Online Interviews
Show up in Google News

Influencer Media

Tap in to our Influencer network and broadcast through the mouthpiece of established Influencers in your industry.

What we do

Influencer journalists
Industry columnists
Social influencer shout-outs

Blogs and Magazines

Power in numbers. Our most effective campaigns include a mix of earned Blog and Magazine articles.

What we do

Find authors who match you
Define a content strategy
Publish in high volume

What is Earned Media?

The most powerful advertising campaigns are accomplished through aggressive media campaigns, media placements and media PR. We get you, your product and your company in the media.

Earned Media is the process of defining the unique qualities and value of your people, product, service or company and through strategic relationships and publications building an unmissable online brand awareness and great Public Relations.

  • Fortify your image with powerful mainstream media placements
  • Take create, engage and control online forums and communities
  • Control the narrative of your brand discussion
  • Generate word of mouth and good publicity