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How Can I Remove a Fake Review or Page from Google?

Removing a fake post, review or web page from Google requires an initial assessment to determine: The source of the fake post The type of website the fake page is hosted on The nature of the review, post or page in terms of libel, slander etc The strength of the…
Brook Zimmatore
May 13, 2013

How do I get rid of a bad online review on my own?

First find out all about it. Where is it published? Who published it? Is it true? There's two ways to act about it depending on the truthfulness of it. If its completely unfounded contact the publisher/site owner and give your side of the story possibly providing evidence of the actual…
Massive Media
April 24, 2013

Is there any way to get a RipoffReport.com review removed?

Massive offers a pay-on-result removal service for Ripoff Report. This is a service which could not be guaranteed as to result due to the process we take, but if we review the matter and feel confident in taking it on, you have good chances to remove from Google.. RipoffReport.com is…
Massive Media
April 24, 2013