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Small Business

Small BusinessStartups
February 21, 2019

Hubspot vs. Marketo – The Hunt for the Best Marketing Automation Tool for Startup Business

In the business world, things have changed so much in the last decade. You can no longer own a business without investing in social media and internet marketing. It is the engine that drives business in this 21st century. And to own and operate any business, you must invest a…
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Small BusinessStartups
February 13, 2019

The 5 Most Important Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups – Expert Tips To Grow Your Business

As a startup business, you can't afford to lose a single lead that comes your way. In fact, the capacity and effectiveness to convert leads to customers is a definitive gauge of accomplishment for any startup. Balancing a budget and managing expenditures are part and parcel of every business, but…
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5 Steps To Launching A Public Relations Campaign - Massive.PR
Digital MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationSmall Business
January 21, 2019

A Quick Guide To Boost Your Google Ranking – Tools You Must Have For An SEO Audit

Your website is the "hub" of your online image. It's a very valuable, intangible asset. Protecting your assets and investments It's essential to have standard checkups performed to guarantee that your website is performing and delivering results. Search Engine Optimization can be a tedious exercise but, if well planned and…
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General NewsRetail MarketingSmall Business
January 16, 2019

Big Data for Marketers – An Innovative Way for Making Marketing Decisions

Digital Marketing is an indispensable driver for business growth, which makes Big Data the greatest opportunity for Marketers. Enormous information, which we call “Big Data”, alludes to the regularly expanding volume, speed, assortment, fluctuation, unpredictability and complexity of data. It is safe to say that Big Data is the predictable…
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Media RelationsPublic RelationsSmall Business
May 22, 2018

The Power of Media Placements in Internet Public Relations

As a young girl, I always knew who my role models were because they were always being talked about, so they became permanently stuck in my head as my idols. Thinking back now, it wasn’t just people whose names were repeated all the time; there were brands too. Just as…
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Small BusinessTravel & Hospitality
April 23, 2018

Managing Your Online Reputation in The Travel Industry

Internationally, the travel and hospitality industry generates nearly 7.6 trillion dollars per year. That's a lot. If you work in these spaces, your online reputation is could be at stake. Unfortunately, most companies  struggle with how to properly manage their brand. As a result, they're subjected to all manner of…
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Online Reputation ManagementSmall BusinessStartups
March 20, 2018

Rihanna vs Snapchat: A Massive Reputation Mistake Which Cost Them Big

Snapchat reportedly just lost $800 million because of a singular ad that ran on their platform. Ouch. Obviously, no company is exempt from mistakes or PR failures––but this took it to some new lows. Online reputation management is an art, let's look at how they failed this semester's class: The…
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Media RelationsSmall BusinessTravel & Hospitality
February 12, 2018

Travel Influencer Marketing: A New Age of Travel Consumers

Modern consumers make most of their travel and hospitality/hoteling choices based on online reviews or articles and so the online reputation of businesses in the travel industry matter more than ever before. Gone are the days of travel agents and travel magazines providing exclusive insight; many of them did not…
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Online Reputation ManagementSmall Business
February 5, 2018

Negative Reviews and the High Cost of Always Being ‘Right’

After years of working with businesses both small and large, I have seen numerous examples of  companies focusing too heavily on being "right" as opposed to finding the best course of action when dealing with negative reviews. For example, a company reached out for assistance with negative reviews on several…
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Online Reputation ManagementSmall Business
January 31, 2018

Google Reviews – Putting your Business on the Map

Maybe you're a small business just getting started; or perhaps you're old school and have been around a long time but have no real presence online. You want to make your business known, but don't have much of a budget and/or don't know where you should put your focus online…
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Online Reputation ManagementSmall Business
January 30, 2018

Is Your Privacy Guard Down? Careful, Your Online Reputation Could be at Stake…

Today’s world of digital freedom and endless content forces the need for attention to protect your personal information like never before.  If you find yourself in a position of expansion (big or small) people––good and bad––tend to take notice.  It’s really an ironic thing, one of the biggest signs of…
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