Brand Protection

Remove Disinformation & Defamation

Your Google Page 1 is your most powerful marketing asset. The ability to remove disinformation is key to a pure branding message. Massive serves as a rapid-response removal & mitigation service to move in on brand protection threats and shut them down.

The ability to remove disinformation is key to a clear branding message.”


93% of consumers’ decisions are impacted by internet defamation when making a decision to engage a brand.

What we can resolve:

  • Misconduct reported in the media
  • Slander of executives
  • Public government reports
  • Brand hate websites
  • Crisis Management cleanup
  • Foreign media reports

Executive & Personal

Personal due diligence is corporate (and now social) practice.

Personal services for:

  • Lack of personal image control
  • Personal online attacks
  • Media targeting
  • Public reports
  • Legislative public documents
  • Revenge defamation

Small Medium Enterprise

Brand Protection plays a large part in the growth strategies for startups and existing SMEs.

What we can do:

  • Remove bad news
  • Delete hate content
  • Remove defamation
  • Judicial reports
  • Brand attacks

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What is Brand Protection?

Brand Protection’s goal is the control of how a person, brand or activity is perceived by stakeholders, customers, employees or the general public.

  • Fortify your image with powerful mainstream media placements
  • Take create, engage and control online forums and communities
  • Resolve internet defamation and negative publicity
  • Remove unwanted documents and files from the internet

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