Finding the source of online attacks

Online attacker, blog owner, happy commenters and smear campaign sources – find out WHO is behind the sudden barrage of online attacks.

If there is one thing we know from years of investigations is that online attacks are not a generality. Every investigation we have undertaken has proven that online hate campaigns start from 1 or 2 people with a vested interest. Behind it is usually their own satisfaction to see you fail and/or monetary gain.

online defamation

Sometimes authors of the attack make themselves known, but it would be naive to stop there. People who want to see you fail or suffer are cowards and do not show themselves. They use others to do the dirty work or hide their identity with fake names and email addresses.

Online Forensics

Even web-savvy attackers have no idea what information they are leaving behind by typing that first paragraph, leaving a comment or setting up a website “anonymously”.

Websites, emails, PDF’s, word documents and pretty much anything else which uses a computer or is shared online can be traced back to its original source.

Our cyber forensics team utilizes software (which we designed) to extract all information available. Following breadcrumbs left by users, we are then able to find where it came from originally. Backed by powerful investigation and cross-indexing administration, we will find out who is behind your attack.