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Brook Zimmatore
Brook Zimmatore
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive. You can reach him directly at bz[at]
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What Reputation Management Can and Can’t Do For Your Business

Reputation management companies specialize in finding and addressing this false and misleading information. Through a variety of channels, these companies work to have erroneous information removed.

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Couple Executive Presence And Mindfulness Builds Leadership Qualities

Executive presence is the spirit that wafts into the room alongside a good boss. It is the air of leadership, confidence, and authority embodied by someone in full command of their executive prowess.

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How Google Search Results Shape, and Sometimes Distort, Public Opinion – and Why You Should Care

In the age of the internet, a single negative event can define an individual or business.

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Donald Trump: How Ignoring All Reputation Management Rules Has Kept His Following Strong

Reputation is everything for brands, businesses and celebrities alike. This is what sets them apart from their competitors. It can be equated to goodwill with consumers and is a valuable, intangible asset.

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Online Reputation Management: Hunt or Be Hunted

In our society, it pays to be on top. As you build your brand and expand, you’re more likely to be thrown to the sharks. In the digital world, this is equated to Defamation––and it sucks.

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Leverage Media to Make a Powerful Website and Own Your Brand

It’s interesting to me how little faith people have in their own assets. Believing your own website doesn’t work or doesn’t bring you revenue is probably the first thing you should fix.

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How David Harbour “Tide” The Superbowl

Aside from being completely epic (and gave the Eagles their first Superbowl win in franchise history), the real highlight of the night was David Harbour’s “It’s a Tide Ad” commercials.

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Building Confidence: The Latest Trends in Financial Media & Communications

Financial corporate communications & media relations is probably the most vital division within a bank, hedge fund or financial institution.

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Forbes: Why Massive Alliance’s Methodology is Vital to Online PR

Reputation Management is far more than just periodic cleanup and online or offline crisis control. The very essence of reputation management comes from understanding the consumer, their needs, thought process and how to make their life happier, easier, more controlled. That’s it.

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Is Your Privacy Guard Down? Careful, Your Online Reputation Could be at Stake…

Today’s world of digital freedom and endless content forces the need for attention to protect your personal information like never before.  If you find yourself in a position of expansion (big or small) people––good and bad––tend to take notice. 

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How to use Media Relations to Kick Off a Brand

Since time immemorial media relations, or some variation of it, has been used to influence public opinion on brands, products and services.

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online reputation tools

5 Things You Didn’t Know Online Reputation Management Could Do

The internet has changed lives in more ways than we could likely quantify. From ordering socks and groceries to finding directions or talking to people around the world, the internet has evolved from a shared data trove to a universal information resource.

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public relations

Public Relations vs Online Reputation Management: What is the Difference?

Public relations has been around for more than one hundred years, long before the advent of the internet. Yet in the digital age, another aspect of relations and reputation has emerged, online reputation management (ORM). 

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social media and online reputation

Content Outreach: How it Can Improve the Online Reputation of Your Business

Here is what you need to know about content outreach, and how it can improve the online reputation of your business and boost revenue.

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twitter and online reputation

Guide to Online Reputation Repair Using Twitter SEO

Twitter has become the social media tool of the twenty-first century.  Thanks to the rapidity with which news can spread, directness with which favorites celebrities can be addressed, and ease with which the POTUS can make statements, Twitter has become a go-to resource for information.

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online reputation management and revenue loss

How Online Reputation Management Prevents Revenue Loss

Bad word-of-mouth can cost your business tremendous revenue, and in this digital era, your online reputation is word-of-mouth. Here is what you need to know about online reputation and how to manage it to prevent loss of revenue.

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online reputation and business success

Why Your Online Reputation is so Important for Business Success

The prevalence of a digital marketplace changed the game. Take retail, for example. In earlier rounds, giant mega stores (like Walmart) came in and changed the marketplace experience.

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online rankings

Online Rankings: Why They Still Matter in Online Reputation Management

You may have the best message in the world, but if no one hears it, how would they know? You may be the best at what you do, or make the best products, or serve a need in the industry that has the potential to disrupt markets and improve lives.

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fake news online reputation management

Combat the Fake News Epidemic Through Online Reputation Management

The popular party game, “two truths and a lie” played upon friends’ inability to distinguish truth from fiction. It amused soiree attendees with exaggerated truths and outright falsehoods, blended among outrageous true stories.

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online reputation management and seo

Online Reputation Management vs SEO: What’s the Difference

So many terms get thrown around in any field, but also when it comes to promoting your business and managing your brand. Even the word “brand” was virtually unknown to most everyone as little as a decade ago, the way that it is currently used and universally understood.

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online reputation media coverage

How Your Online Reputation Can Benefit from Media Coverage

A news story, seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers, talks about an upcoming community cycling event. They cut to the owner of a bicycle shop, who gives input about the event. They cut back to the studio to wrap up the story.

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maintaining your reputation

Mob Mentality on Social Media: How to Respond While Maintaining Your Reputation

Mob mentality: it’s what causes a deadly stampede at a Walmart for a Black Friday sale. It’s also what turns the comment of one annoying troll on a social media site into a major PR incident.

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ceo reputation management

CEO Reputation Management: Why You Need a PR Firm

For better or worse, the head honcho creates the corporate atmosphere. CEO’s like Mark Zuckerberg are practically revered, while Uber founder Travis Kalanick recently resigned as CEO, primarily after ongoing press regarding various corporate culture problems.

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business reputation

Proactive Crisis Management: How to Protect Your Business Reputation

Some people seem to thrive under pressure: emergency room doctors, firefighters, even kindergarten teachers. Reputation management companies also thrive in a crisis, but with a proactive plan to protect your business from loss of reputation, you might never have to go into crisis mode.

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reputation management

Guide to Building Business Credibility through Reputation Management

Building credibility is an essential component of being a professional in any business. Whether you are a scientist, hair stylist, or entrepreneur, building up a reputation of being an expert at what you do is key to attracting new followers and clients.

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How To Protect (or Destroy) Your Reputation Online: Safeguarding Your Brand From the Unknown

Whether it’s pursuing personal connections or propelling your livelihood, projecting your image in cyber space is almost a given in today’s technology driven world.

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Lessons From The Starbucks Campaign Disaster

Starbucks, like Apple, usually has campaigns that are a huge hit. Like Apple, Starbucks is not without controversy, but in most ways, their campaigns make a significant impact in their target demographic.

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How Cloud Storage Sites Can Protect Their Reputation After Celebrity Photo Leak

Privacy advocates are raising concerns about the safety of using cloud storage services after sexually explicit photos of A-list Hollywood celebrities were reportedly hacked from Apple iCloud. The names include the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Heard, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian.

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5 Ways To Clean Up Your Reputation On The Internet

The last few years has seen seismic cultural shifts brought about by new communication channels, digital technologies and non-stop expansion of social networks.

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A Review of Online Reputation Management: Costs & Services

After a full week of Christmas, most of which I really enjoyed but as always, sprinkled with stress, demands and status quo, I decided to sit down and take a rear-view look at 2013, the year of online reputation management.

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Recovering after a Reputation Crisis [Infographic]

Warren Buffett said “If you lose money for the firm I will be understanding. If you lose reputation I will be ruthless”, and expressed similar concepts on the time it takes to build and destroy a reputation.

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How to Exploit the Hummingbird Effect to Improve Your Online Reputation

Google has overhauled its search algorithm to better deal with the evolution in web users’ queries, launching its “Hummingbird”, a revised algorithm which is now affecting around 90% of Google searches.

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What Users Actually Do When They Search Your Name on Google

Your Digital Wall matters more than you think in terms of reputation, recognition and business goals. You may already know that Google page 1 is your real visit card, and you may have already taken some steps in taking care of your online reputation.

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How to Dominate the First Page of Google’s Search Results and Protect Your Reputation

For most web users, this is enough to captivate their attention and not go anywhere else. In fact 75% of web users searching for a brand will not go further than this top area and select one of the 5 dominating search results listed above.

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The Price of Your (Bad) Reputation

Back when I first started at Massive the one thing which struck me the most was the naive blindness by which people trusted Google. Google had become the new “truth”. Essentially, if Google shows it, then it has some truth to it – at least in the consumers eyes.

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Proactive Reputation Management for Doctors and Medical Practices

Here are some proactive reputation management solutions which can be implemented now within your medical practice. These have also been found to be the primary source of negative reviews or articles on doctors.

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Should we trust online reviews?

It is no secret that online reviews are often – to say the least – imprecise, if not deliberately untrue and misleading. Sometimes they are not impartial, sometimes they are the result of competitors’ attempts to damage other businesses…

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Planning for and Managing a Social Media Crisis — 360PR Blog

How to manage a social media crisis

Brands of any size which want to be active online know that they have to deal with several types of critical situations.

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A Social Media Monitoring Guide by CIPR

What do people think about you? Wouldn’t it be great to know it? Social media is probably the best platform to monitor sentiment and quickly understand which decisions to make and what to change in your company, brand or product.

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Fighting Fake Online Reviews

Since there is an abundance of online marketplace websites that feature reviews from customers, it’s obvious that companies and individuals are going to take advantage of this and hire people to write five-star reviews about a book they’ve never read, or to put down a competitor’s products.

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Proactive Steps for Executive Reputation Management

Executive reputation management starts long before cleaning up bad reviews. The proactive approach is through educating the executive.

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Corporate Online Reputation Management: New Age Social Media

When we ask people what they think online reputation management is, the usual response is a dumbfounded look of ignorance. But for some, the immediate concept of this new service is that it is a form of online PR one’s “Internet Resumé”.

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How to Deal with Online Defamation Effectively

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get a different answer to the question: “How do I deal with online defamation.” The answer is not a simple one, but we will do our best to lay it our for you here.

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Online Defamation – Definitions, Recourse and Legal

This article is pointed primarily at US bloggers, journalists and content writers. It serves as a general guideline for defining online defamation and the rights and boundaries of anyone who post online.

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4 Actions to Take When Dealing With Internet Defamation

Somebody might be damaging your reputation on the internet at this very moment. Posting something untrue on a blog, emailing false information to writers and journalists, creating hate sites with the purpose of spreading inaccurate information about you or your company.

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