Some of our valued clients

Massive PR is proud to be working with industry leaders across such diverse industries and geographies.


Travel & Leisure

TUI is a multinational travel and tourism company headquartered in Hanover, Germany. It is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world and owns travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and retail stores. The group owns six European airlines - the largest holiday fleet in Europe - and nine tour operators based in Europe. At the heart of TUI is ensuring consumer confidence and that their message of integrity and help is made loud and clear.


Technology & Racing

Red Bull Advanced Technologies extends that high-achieving spirit of adventure beyond the racing environment, developing technical and commercial solutions for leading-edge clients across a wide range of industries. Though the brand is most well known for its drink, the technology division paves the way in disruptive racing technology.


Consulting & Technology

As a consulting and management implementation company, PWC's Technology division views focuses on the eight most disruptive technologies to business today:

Artificial intelligence
Augmented reality/virtual reality
Internet of things (IoT)
3D printing
Autonomous vehicles

The awareness of these products is key to the model of PWC and by spreading the word they have positioned themselves as the industry leader in technology.

US Addiction

Healthcare & Rehab

U.S. Addiction provides addiction treatment individuals who require the most comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in the country. Completing thousands of addicts every month across the country, US Addiction is the national leader in addiction abuse rehab and treatment.

GT Bank

Banking & Finance

Guaranty Trust Bank is a national leader in banking and finance. With over 10,000 employees it has rapidly become a mark in the international finance scene. Our role with GT Bank has been to secure its online image and strengthen its message to consumers.

Liberty Bank

Banking & Finance

The Liberty Bank is a private bank in Georgia, the seventh largest in the country by total assets with 3.4% market share. It has the largest network of branches in Georgia. Massive's role was to mitigate digital risks, resolve matters to crisis management to ensure consumer confidence in the brand.

Global Intergold

Finance / Trading

Global Intergold is the largest accredited gold trader in the world. Direct out of Zurich, Switzerland, Global Intergold boasts millions of active day traders. Massive secures it's global image through multi-lingual brand management and image control.



American Power and Gas is a dynamic, growing, energy company. American Power and Gas is a leader in providing green energy to the northern United States. With almost 4 million customers, AP&G puts their confidence in Massive to keep their message consistent and pure across all media and web channels.