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An International Digital PR Company

Providing powerful brand protection solutions to leading brands and executives

“Massive empowers our brand with a unique auxiliary and risk-free brand protection service designed to silently and effectively protect our image.” – VP Comms, Bank of America

Since 2012, Massive has been providing a unique approach to brand protection for high profile public individuals, executives, SMEs and enterprise. Using data-driven analytics, open source intelligence, cyber forensics and strategic relationships, we operate as a gateway to ISPs, search engines and global media outlets to secure and control your online image.

Brand protection threats are at the forefront of political and corporate discussion across all continents. They come in many forms including activism, data leaks, espionage, extortion and simply online libel or slander. Such threats have increased enormously in the past year alone with statistically-proven impressions on national or global markets.The fallout from such incidents takes its toll on corporations and their executives and with this we see the gap between Corporate Communications, Crisis Management and PR getting smaller by the day.

Our collective brand protection experience:
  • Internal matters, criminal investigations or misconduct reported negatively in the media.
  • Executive personal reports reported about online including termination, divorce, civil matters and private investigations.
  • Government or other Public Body reports listed online.
  • Hate sites and defamation campaigns from anonymous or known attackers.
  • Brand damage in the form of online complaints and reports from consumers relating to products, programs and support.
  • Foreign media and report websites targeting executives or brands.
Brand Control assisting with matters of:
  • Executive Leadership Branding (ELB).
  • Lack of control of the Google News feed.
  • Insufficient ownership of page 1 and 2 of Google’s brand search for executives or brands
  • Credibility building.
  • Suppressing historical or recent negative content.
  • Political alignment positioning.
  • Brand ideology positioning.
  • International relevance and name recognition.


About Us

Brook Zimmatore

CEO / Co-Founder

As co-founder and CEO of Massive Alliance, Brook is known for enhancing and protecting the reputations of some of the world’s best known brands. Drawing on 17 years of experience, Brook personally advises C-suite executives, board members and key stakeholders on implementing effective solutions to deter and mitigate adverse events. From cyber security breaches to leadership changes, regulatory investigations and contentious litigation, Brook expertly guides clients to build proactive solutions to minimize impact and remove the aftermath of a crisis or disinformation to reestablish the most valuable asset: trust.

Brook grew Massive Alliance organically from a small London firm to a robust, 35+ employee reputation management and international PR company, now actively servicing clients in 19 countries.

About Us

Nadia Caterina Munno

Co-founder & President

Starting in Italy, Nadia has worked in media relations and PR since 2002 and has established relationships with top-tier outlets such as the BBC, Sky TV, Rai Italy, Cable networks in 6 countries and mainstream media newspapers spanning the USA to Latin America, Germany to the United Kingdom and the Middle East to Africa. With thousands of press and TV negotiations secured in 12 countries, Nadia understands the impact volume required to ensure a solid reputation management and brand control program.

Nadia has become an international figure in reputation management and is best known for her rolodex of media influencers.

About Us

Tom Popomaronis

VP, Innovation & Executive Brand Director

Tom is a serial entrepreneur, product development expert, and content management strategist. He joined Massive to bring these strategies to our Executive Leadership Branding clients. Popomaronis actively contributes to CNBC Make It & Entrepreneur Magazine and has published over 1,000 articles with Forbes and Inc. Magazine. His work can also be found in TechCrunch, Business Insider, and USA Today.

About Us

Tamlyn Holmes

Chief Marketing Officer

Following her role in Barclays Bank, Tamlyn has overseen the digital marketing strategies for over 150 brands worldwide. Tamlyn ensures a well-developed marketing strategy, determining the how, where and to whom the business will find the greatest opportunities. Developing products and services, she achieves outstanding business goals and objectives.

About Us

Peter Van Voorhis

Director of Political Strategy

Overseeing our Political Media Strategies, Peter implements political-corporate and economic programs allow company leaders to assume political responsibilities giving them a voice in the regulation of business and provision of public goods whether nationally or internationally.

Peter is an active columnist, political strategist, and media commentator. He is currently a contributor for The Washington Examiner, where he offers critical analysis on the pressing political issues of our time. He is a frequent guest on local news, talk radio, and national TV, and has been cited by Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Good Morning America, TIME, the Washington Post, and others.

About Us

Andrew Deripaska

Director of Reputation

Joining Massive in 2012, Andrew’s forensic engineering education and experience gives you a conduit to Google and other international search engines. Andrew is responsible for consulting and implementing strategies which don’t just provide a quick fix, but ensure our clients have permanent solutions to shutting down reputation threats online.

About Us

Veronika Bschorr

Financial Controller

Veronika is a seasoned executive and has served as Massive Financial Controller since 2015. Veronika leads the treasury and corporate finance functions where she is responsible for managing cash, debt, risk management and capital structure as well as financial planning and analysis, investor relations, credit and collections, merchant technologies and corporate development.

About Us

Ryan Turpin

Lead Journalist

Ryan has over ten years of experience as a journalist, writer, and content strategist. His passion for new ideas and personal stories makes him an excellent advocate for clients who want to elevate themselves to thought leader status.

As Lead Journalist, Ryan serves as a direct link between executive leadership and the editorial division, ensuring that content production meets Massive’s extremely high standards of both quantity and quality.

Qualities of Massive Alliance

Mitigate. Protect. Enhance.

Massive has designed a seamless process to remove negative media, reviews, defamatory complaints and slander from the internet. Imprints of disinformation can thwart any project, campaign or brand strategy.

Using us a proxy, Massive’s mitigation team will engage with known and unknown enemies to allow you to remotely and anonymously gain control over adversaries and predict reputation attacks and threats.

With media relations in 19 countries, your online image can be controlled with a push of a button. Leverage the voice of 12,900 authors, contributors and journalists to secure your image and message in the marketplace.

We believe every executive and leader is an independent brand which should be positioned as a ‘celebrity of their industry’. Enhance your brand, your political party or your personal leadership image.

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