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How to manage a social media crisis

By August 12, 2013 January 30th, 2018 Crisis Management
Planning for and Managing a Social Media Crisis — 360PR Blog

Brands of any size which want to be active online know that they have to deal with several types of critical situations. Adopting a transparent approach and being open to any type of communication via social networks means facing occasional criticism: that’s why managing what is defined a “social media crisis” is often very important to preserve authority, reputation and reducing potential damage to one’s image.

In this very useful infographic by 360PR, a clear path is laid out to take control of a social media crisis. Each of the 8 points below is a really important factor when it comes to analysing the problem, communicating clearly and solving threats.

The importance of speed

A very important “commandment” listed on the infographic is the one related to speed of reaction. As clearly stated in rule no. 4, “speed matters”. Reacting quickly is not only a way to reduce the impact of a crisis, but also a way to project a serious, professional image to the world. When dealing with online reputation issues, it is critical to act as quickly as possible and eliminate or respond properly to problems arising in your digital presence.

What is the most important rule according to you?

What would you add?


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