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The Power of Reputation Management and LinkedIn

By March 11, 2013 January 22nd, 2019 Online Reputation Management
Reputation Management with LinkedIn

What is reputation management all about? To sum it up simply, reputation management is a form of PR which includes the aggressive saturation of content into as many outlets as can be reached. 

The biggest PR firms have direct contacts within CNN, NY Times, The Guardian, The Observer, Wall Street Journal, Sports Media, Tech Media, Financial Media and much more.

Reputation management is about the power of your communication and contacts.

For many, LinkedIn has still not been harnessed as to its full capabilities. Using LinkedIn are industry leaders, powerful media contacts, CEOs and decision makers.

Getting introduced

LinkedIn has a unique but powerful feature where you can use one of your existing contacts to introduce you to someone you would like to connect with.

LinkedIn Get Introduced Feature

Using this alone you can connect to thousands of new and targeted contacts within the industries you choose. Massive’s network has been one established only through internet connections and social platforms. These contacts then grew to working relationships – and that is where the power is.

LinkedIn is a PR and networking dream. If you are responsible for media, online image or public relations then find out all about the full array of LinkedIn options – and use them.

Here are some useful resources about using LinkedIn for business:

100+ Ways To Use LinkedIn
How to use LinkedIn powerfully

Good luck and happy networking.

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