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How to Remove Bad Yelp Reviews – Q&A

Yelp attracts businesses because of its strength and use across the USA. It is also one of the strongest review sites out there. Removing negative or bad Yelp reviews is on the mind of thousands on business owners. 

How to remove Yelp Reviews – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get a bad review on Yelp Removed?

A. The only legitimate ways to remove a bad review is a) Responding to the review and getting the reviewer to remove it personally, or b) Legal action.

Q. Are there any effective Yelp removal services?

A. Yes, Massive has a 95% success rate on getting Yelp reviews removed.

Q. Is getting Yelp reviews removed expensive?

A. It can be yes. This should only be used for businesses who know they are losing a lot of business from their bad reviews. Massive uses 12 different procedures on each review to legitimately get the reviews removed.

Q. Does it require payment upfront? I have been told this many time.

A. On most cases no, you can pay on result. However, we do have legally binding contracts and verification processes to ensure payment upon service completion.


Massive has had great success in getting Yelp reviews removed or demoted. We have been used by business in many different industries to allow them a fresh start and a positive image online.


Nadia Munno

Author Nadia Munno

Nadia Munno is the President and COO at Massive PR. She has worked in media relations and PR since 2002 and has established relationships with top-tier outlets such as the BBC, Sky TV, Rai, multiple cable channels, mainstream media newspapers and global industry influencer. You can reach her directly at nadia[at]

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