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just publish.

Massive has establish relationships with over 1,300 authors
and journalists across the USA, Europe and Australia.

Welcome to Massive

Massive is staffed with a formidable Cyber Task Force and Media Team, designed to rapidly mobilize and push the boundaries of corporate online reputation management & PR. We help clients engage, communicate and grow freely without the need of worry for threats, reputation damage or internet defamation while providing years of valuable media relationships. To discuss your case, contact us today.

Reputation Management

Harness the power of our elite cyber team against online attacks. Defend your name, brand or online image with our heavy and effective online reputation management options.

Media Relations

Massive’s PR’s media relations team can get you guaranteed placements in the mainstream media and the press fast. Dominate the news and own your online image.

Brand Monitoring

Massive provides national or global firms unrivalled real-time intelligence on reputation, security and data breaches. Get ahead of the threats with our advance warning system.

When used

  • Powerful Media Mentions and Links
  • Lead Generation
  • Aggressive Brand Awareness
  • Remove Negative Results
  • Monitor for Online Brand Threats

When used

  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of repute
  • Lost opportunities
  • Search results negative
  • Defamation of character

When used

  • Control of online results
  • Crisis management
  • Brand building
  • Startup launch
  • SEO strategy

When used

  • Monitor global mentions
  • Detect digital risks
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Consumer protection
  • Breach detection

ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT is about making POSITIVE RESULTS come first and the removal or suppression of all negative reviews.

Nadia Munno - President at Massive PR

If you are fed up with negative content, unwanted search results or are having problems with online slander or defamation, Massive PR's 38 dedicated professionals are here to assist with online reputation management and build the online image you deserve.

Massive’s team is composed of many highly skilled employees including projects managers formerly with Google and another, previously employed at Kaspersky. Backed by a strong SEO team, content writers and cyber forensic engineers, Massive offers close to unlimited control for our client’s search results.

Online reputation management starts with targeting links which harm or degrade the reputation of the person or brand. Through our strength we “weaken” or remove these results on Google. This removes all internet defamation from searches.

Media Placements is an essential step in reputation management. If internet users google you or your company, they need to see credible content which communicates what you want your brand message to be. Get powerful media placements in high profile media spots and put your brand or targeted keywords into the spotlight.