The most powerful Online Reputation Management campaigns are accomplished through high profile media placements.

This allows for complete control over your online image, by getting your name or your company’s name featured and discussed in top media outlets.

The process

  • Consultation to discuss newsworthy, captivating angles regarding you, the business and its accomplishments
  • All articles researched and written by veteran journalists or writers
  • Article titles approved by you before they are written
  • Media locations list approved by you before publication
  • Systematic publication of each article and distribution to the media outlet’s large social network
  • Review results

Massive has spent several years to build a powerful network of trusted, high quality journalists who will listen and work with you to build a story. We have become a gateway for small to mid-sized business to truly explain their value and operate in the expert arena.

So not only do you protect your online image, but you will also increase your credibility, marketing strength and consumer demand.

Our clients are featured in

How we get your company into mainstream media

Massive’s media team works closely with hundreds of bloggers and journalists to position you or your firm as “experts in industry”. With contacts in media outlets across dozens of industries we can get you at the forefront of discussion and media authority by getting you or your firm to provide unique insights on matters being discussed.

For lawyers, financial executives, entrepreneurs, startups, tech and software companies and many more, this service is vital to create a powerful, credible image.

SEO and Media Backlinks

Being featured in Forbes, Mashable,,, Huffington Post, CNN, Wall Street Journal with a dedicated link back to your desired domain is gold for site SEO. These media sites have ultimate Google trust and authority and this trust is then passed back to your website.